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  • yarmis the black dahlia murder albumu.

    1. unhallowed
    2. funeral thirst
    3. elder misanthropy
    4. contagion
    5. when the last grave has emptied
    6. thy horror cosmic
    7. the blackest incarnation
    8. hymn for the wretched
    9. closed casket requiem
    10. apex
  • maha kali ep sinde rebirth versiyonu bulunan dissection şarkısı.
  • "...do not rest in peace
    may your souls all burn black..." bölümü ile bizi bizden alan dissection parçası. jon acaba hala boyle dusunuyor mudur merak da etmiyor degilim.
  • (bkz: storm of the light's bane)

    pain, plague and pestilence shall sweep through your sight
    grim is the truth that hides behind the fading light
    the eyes of the beholder stares empty, silent and cold
    for the deeds of the dark ones are fearful to behold

    with liftened dreadful swords we swear allegiance to our lord
    we're the unhallowed usurpers of the throne

    dusk will bring the gathered ones upon the feeble men of god
    superior mighty warriors of pure unhallowed blood
    shoulder to shoulder they reign in the darkest of nights
    together at the edge of time, brought forth to slay the light

    thy majesty, our majesty, sole superior evil itself
    we'll be your instrument and the blade of their damnation

    so futile humas on the knees for the satanized
    burning high at the stakes with the love of christ

    do not rest in peace, may your souls all burn black
    your sons and daughters ı will kiss with a poisoned smile
    sing out the pain of your roots that you cannot deny
    we'll crush your worthless prayers of the weak forgotten lie

    the apocalypse is here, oh fools of the withering sky
    encounter darkness as you fall into the endless fire
    the jaws of darkness open wide, lost souls scream out in vain
    all will writhe eternity's perpetual infernal pain

    with liftened dreadful swords we swear allegiance to our lord
    we're the unhallowed usurpers of the throne
  • bırakın sadece melodik black/death metal türünü, tüm müzik türlerini bile bir araya getirseniz tepelerde olacak bir albümün şarkısıdır.

  • aynı zamanda şilili bir thrash metal grubu.
  • en iyi black metal albümlerinden birinin * en iyi şarkılarından biridir.
    şu saniyeden itibaren gelen bölüm gibisi yok.. böyle buyrun