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  • steve coogan'ın knowing me knowing you adlı bbc yapımı programda oynadığı pek başarılı karakter.
  • --- spoiler ---

    alan, mid morning matters'da dinleyicilere hangi iki ünlüyü seçip zorla çiftleştirmek istedikilerini ve sebebini sormaktadır:

    arayan dinleyici (duncan): "i'd go for stephen hawking and pamela anderson, then you can create a beautiful genius."
    alan: "what a lovely idea. or, a disabled lifeguard. and i'll tell you something duncan, you won't be able to sack them, not these days."

    sen nası bi adamsın be alan'ım...

    --- spoiler ---
  • 2014 yapimi, unlenmemis fakat guzel bir film.

    --- spoiler ---

    self-absorbed and misanthropic radio dj alan partridge is steve coogan's most popular creation in his home country and virtually unknown in the united states. this fact makes an alan partridge movie a tough sell here, especially since the character has been around for well over 20 years. for example, how much awareness of the character does one need coming into the movie? fortunately, none! alan partridge more than stands on its own, with a barrage of hilarious jokes and scenarios rising out of the absurd "radio station gets held hostage" plot. great tunes pepper the soundtrack, too, culminating with a memorable tribute to sparks' 1979 disco track, "#1 song in heaven."
    --- spoiler ---