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  • ing. iki dil bilen kisi
  • bir pet shop boys albumu.
  • (bkz: multilingual)
  • ulkeye gore bu iki dil degisir. yani kanadadaki bir is ilaninda bilingual fransizca ve ingilizceyi anlatir ama bu turkiyede, turkce ve ingilizce olabilir.
  • sözlükler için kullanıldığında iki dilli sözlükleri ifade eder; ingilizce-türkçe, türkçe-fransızca gibi. (bkz: monolingual)
  • bunlar cocukken "all the peoplei mi bekliceeez" turunde sirin otesi cumleler kurarlar.
  • çift anadili olanları veya yabancı bir dile anadili kadar hakim olanları kasteden bir sıfattır. örneğin anne türk, baba ispanyol ise çocuk her iki dili de anadil olarak öğrenir. yeniden dünyaya gelseydim ilk dileyeceğim özelliklerden birisi de bilingual olmak olurdu.
  • iki dil konuşan ve genellikle eskidünya kıtalarından birinin mensubu olan insanlardır.
    gavurlar, bu hususta, abd vatandaşları içün şu tür bir şaka yaparlar:
    - iki dil konuşan kişiye ne denir?
    - üç dil konuşan kişiye ne denir?
    + trilingual
    - dört dil konuşan kişiye?
    + quadrolingual
    - peki yalnızca tek dil konuşabilen kişiye?
    + amerikalı...
  • sexy ve buğulu sesli bir ablamızın şarkısı. süper şarkı, süper sözler, insanın içini kıpır kıpır yapıyo.

    the only aphrodesiac i need is your voice
    hearing you speak my name
    beckoning me to answer
    telling me you want me

    so i tell you that you're the answer
    to every question i've ever had about love
    without words, i use my tongue
    to tell the tale of "us"

    tracing your shadowscape
    kneeling before you
    my eyes feast upon your masculinity
    in all it's divinity
    and i praise you
    because all of that is for me

    i begin to indulge myself of your delicacies
    digesting semi-sweet dark-chocolate decadence
    as it melts
    dripping down my chin
    your taste is something godiva couldn't recreate

    needing every atom of your anatomy
    necessity is placed upon me
    knowing you're the source of my serendipity
    dipping in and out of me
    stroking more than my conciousness

    subconciously, i find myself rewinding
    our love-scenes in my day-dreams
    seeing that face you make
    when you're making me cum
    and it makes me want you
    right there and then

    thinking of you in inappropriate places
    i get tingling sensations
    in private locations
    where i wish to be caught
    between a rock and your hard place

    as wetness develops my legs begin to open
    and my spot turns to a back-draft
    and all i want you to do
    is extinguish it

    you know my body like the back of your hands
    that touch me and send me into extacy
    my thighs quiver in anticipation
    of deep penetration
    which gets me high

    body rising
    sweating, panting
    makeup melting
    pulling my hair and
    scratching my back

    i get a temporary case of tourette's
    because all i can say
    are four-letter words
    in a four-octave range

    screaming your name

    you fucking me makes me bilingual

    i see your tongue pink between your lips
    and i want it between mine
    and i struggle
    as you lick
    torturing me

    i try to get away but
    not really

    running out of room
    begging for more
    up against the wall
    that has been scuffed
    by my stilettos

    and you pry apart my thighs
    and tell me to be still
    and i willing submit to you
    because i love the way
    you dominate me

    demanding that i cum for you
    so i do as i'm told
    you've molded me so
    i'm good to no one else
    but you

    you conquered this once
    orgasmic-less world
    and multiplied it
    again and again

    and my face radiates with after-glow
    my pillows scented by you
    a fragrance that haunts me

    my room smells of the best sex
    i, covered in body prints
    and finger prints
    and you above me

    your name written indelibly
    upon my body
    and your genetic history

    ....i see you.
  • jose nunez parçasıymış. anlam ve önemi; gaza gelen kadının, bi anda, ispanyolca konuşmasıyla idrak edilebilir.

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