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  • lifehouse şarkısı. sözlerini de yazayım tam olsun;
    maybe i'm not as smart as i thought
    as i come back down
    entertain the sun
    beg it to go on
    don't leave me all alone down here
    cause i don't have a doubt
    that i am without
    a way out of this

    and i climb
    this wasted time
    i've been in
    and i find
    i change my mind
    again you win

    can you take the ashes that i've burned
    at your expense
    cause i can't tell you why
    all the things that i
    haven't thought to ask you for
    i am at the end
    i cannot pretend
    that everything's ok this time


    i can't walk away from you
    i can't deny what you say is true
    i can't understand everything you do
    still i can't walk away


    when i climb
    when i climb
    when i climb
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