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  • ing. ecnebice "- hadi bakalim...", "- ya allah...", "- hayde bre..." gibisinden bir anlami olan, bir i$e veya aksiyona ba$larken soylenen unlem.
    sozun bir diger ozelligi de ozellikle rap $arki sozlerinde sik sik gecmesidir. ozellikle nakarata giri$ ve ciki$larda.
  • shelter'ın "mantra" albümünün 3.şarkısı.sözler;
    just he uses love for sex
    and sure she uses sex for love
    and they're both hoping for the best
    i also have that dream you're thinking of
    if we place a blindfold on our eyes
    iron and gold appear the same
    it's intense hope that makes us try
    so we go on and play the game
    and once again we get attached
    and think we've found the answer
    here we go again
    ran into many walls
    but i know i'll get that answer
    here we go again
    we loved not wisely but to well...
    we're hoping (s)he will be the one
    but we never learn from our mistakes
    and bassed on beauty love soon dies
    then we make our move to separate
    yes iron and gold appear the same
    but one is costly to obtain
    and i'll be the only onle blame
    if i resist i know i'll gain
  • arab strapin kulaklarin pasini silen, dingin, huzur veren, ucurucu sarkisi.
    (bkz: sozlerini de yazayim tam olsun)

    how am i supposed to walk you home when you're at least fifty feet ahead? cos you walked off in a huff and i'm that pissed i can't remember what it was i said. and i don't doubt you wouldn't touch him now but let's face it, you always used to go for that kind. and if you ever really wanted two men at once, all i'm saying is i better be one of the guys you've got in mind. here we go, same time, same place. i don't like the way you kissed his face. it's not that there's no trust as such. i'd love to make up but i've had too much. now, you know fine well i'm staying, i've only ever carried out that threat once before. and even then i couldn't get far, and your mum came and called me back before i'd even made it to the door. here we go, same time, same place. my embarassment versus your damp face. we could talk down here or we could talk in bed, but i'm afraid that's all, as i've already said.
  • ilk kez gavur elinde bi pubda siparis ettigim fi$ ve de cips'i masama koyarken garson "here we go" demisti de beynim bulanmisti -> yahu nereye gidiyoduk? daha yemegimiz yeni gelmisti, ayrica adini bile bilmedigim bu hatunla nereye gidebilirdim ki? hadi beraber gitmiyoruz da o baskalariyla gidiyo, banane yahu, baska garson yok mu canim. iste boyle kafatasimin icindeki tilkicikler kose kapmaca oynamislardi. sonra bu deyimin dost agizlarda da kullanildigini, kotu bisey olmadigini, kimsenin biyere gitmedigini ogrendim de tilkiciklerim rahat bir nefes aldilar.
  • timbaland ve dirtbag in birlikte söylediği, and1 mixtape vol.7 soundtrackinde bulunan mükemmel şarkı.
  • bir jon brion şarkısı:

    you've gotta hope that there's someone for you
    as strange as you are
    who can cope with the things that you do
    without trying too hard

    because you can bend the truth
    until it's suiting you
    these things that you're wrapping all around you
    you never know what they will amount to
    and your life is just going on without you
    it's the end of the things you know
    here we go

    you've gotta know that there's more to this world
    than what you have seen
    because we all have a limited view
    of what we can be

    as we move along with our blinders on
    each one of us feels a little stranded
    and you can't explain or understand it
    each one of us on a different planet
    and amidst all the to and fro
    someone can say hello
    here we go

    the feeling that someone really gets you
    it's something that no one should object to
    it could happen today
    so i suggest you skip your habit of laying low
    it's the end of the things you know
    here we go

    because someone can say hello,
    you old so and so, here we go..
  • the big bang theory'de boku çıkana kadar kullanılan söz...